Priceless Stage Outfits

The music festivals’ season is approaching, and pictures of the audience’s outfits are starting to circulate on social media.

Here are some great outfits from the stage instead!

5. Pete Doherty 

Even if Doherty’s performance was considered disastrous, Pete rocked those glitters at Live 8 in 2005.

4. Luke Pritchard

The Kook’s lead singer performed in a black and white costume at Glastonbury 2014.

3. Keith Moon

The eccentric Keith moon knew how to capture the attention on stage, something usually difficult for drummers, confined at the bottom of the stage. Here’s him wearing a starry boxer’s robe at the Who’s concert in Kilburn, 1977.


MGMT performed as the Scooby-Doo characters at the Voodoo Fest Experience Music Festival in New Orleans, October 2010.

1. Arctic Monkeys

Here’s a performance of the Artic Monkeys at Friday Night With Johnathon Ross dressed up as clowns in 2007, when they were still self-mocking and unpretentious.

IKEA: don’t think, dance!

So last month IKEA has created a limited edition collection called SPRIDD, arose from the collaboration with British fashion designer Kit Neale.

According to the Swedish retailer’s website, “Music and mobility provided the starting point for designing SPRIDD, a collection that celebrates youth culture and self-expression. With inspiration drawn from music festivals, the SPRIDD collection consists of four different prints motivated by four distinct music styles.”

While I can see how some of the items of the collection – which includes tents, bean bags, towels, tote bags, posters, storage boxes and even t-shirts – could be useful during a festival, I don’t quite get the reference to music (the carps surprise me in particular), and the website doesn’t specify from which festivals or music styles the designer took inspiration.

The launching video is pretty cool though, and as a big fan of black and white I’d choose the first décor: