The Bargains of London

This morning, like every morning, I opened Facebook to distract myself a bit and read some news.

london-shitting-opportunity-of-the-weekLiving in London has really lowered my expectations on the quality of the “affordable” flats, so I’m no longer surprised when I read about weird house situations like a bathroom with the toilet located on the top of a flight of stairs, an apartment entirely covered with tiles or a mattress in a cupboard for rent as a “single room”.

You can find many more examples of these amazing bargains on the Vice’s parody section “London rental opportunity of the week”.


Anyway, one of the first posts that attracted my attention today was this BBC article about a SHED in Bethnal Green (East London) on sale for £350,000.


The article also mentions other GARAGES that were sold at even higher prices.

What made me really sad though, is that soon after I stumbled upon another post about an UNTOUCHED FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT House in Minnesota, on sale for $ 1,395,000, a little bit more than £1,000,000.


As an Architecture graduated, the architect in me cried a bit, since Frank Lloyd Wright is a GOD, a GENIUS, a MASTER.

And now A SHED is on the market for one third of the price of a piece of history of the American Architecture, just because it’s in London.  😦

Next bargain of the week: the House of Broken Dreams.