NYC vibes


Looking forward to this event! Perfect location and perfect music 👍

22 April, 20.00 – 1.00

MOTH CLUB, Vallette Street, E9 6, Hackney, London



We know how great the quintessential NYC bands are (Blondie, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Ramones, The Velvet Underground, Interpol…) But why don’t you also check out these new bands from the Big Apple:

The Britanys

Unsigned Rock&Roll band from NYC, founded in 2014

They’ve got a similar charm to that found in Pete and Carl’s early ramshackle stuff according to the NME Magazine, and like the early The Strokes according to DIY Magazine.



A New York duo that sounds like the Velvet Underground, Public Access TV and Interpol, says NME, and I would add Adam Green.

Liam vs Noel, as usual

The Adidas shoe model designed and signed by Noel Gallagher for the spring collection SPEZIAL range is out and apparently already a big success, based upon the shares on Instagram.

The indigo leather shoes named Garwen SPZL are on sale for £99 and they have Noel’s face on the tongues.


Even better than the shoes, though, is Liam’s comment on them:


Never ending bickering between the Gallagher’s brothers 😊

Dr Martens made for Camden

The new Dr Martens shop that opened in Camden yesterday (11th of April) is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING.

The opening is advertised on posters alongside the escalator in Camden Town underground station and on a mural painting, and some huge shoe prints on the sidewalk lead to the shop.


Located in the stable market, the store is divided in two main areas and a second floor.

One of the two rooms is a kind of a brand’s museum, with prototypes and shoes worn by famous artists along with descriptions of the product’s history.

You can also listen to some music with the headphones provided and take a virtual tour of the Wollaston factory.




There is a stage in the middle of the place with Marshall amps and Natal Drums; I asked a member of the staff and he told me they will host gigs soon and to keep in touch with their social media 😊


The second room and the second floor are the points of sale, with an incredible variety of shoe models, leather bags and some T-shirts. There is a section called “made for Camden” that displays some products “inspired by generations of individuals that have expressed themselves through their love of customisation of their DM’s”, as a signboard on a shelf reads.


Next to the flight of steps there is a GIF booth that creates instant gif you can receive and share if you digit your mobile number on the screen.


On the second floor there are some more products on display and you can also customize your shoes. ❤


Reach the store from the Chalk Farm entrance on the side of the market to avoid the crowd, the shop is next to Cyberdog!

A Gorillaz TV series is coming on, is coming on, is coming on, is coming on!


Rumours have started to circulate about a 10-episode TV series dedicated to the Gorillaz characters, which cartoonist Jamie Hewlett has confirmed in an interview on Q Magazine. 😊

In the meantime, Gorillaz have released a new song, Andromeda, which, as Damon Albarn revealed today, was dedicated to his late mother-in-law and Bobby Womack, and inspired by Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean and Hall & Oates  I Can’t Go for That.

The new album Humanz will be released on the 28th of April.

Jamie Hewlett’s work is mostly involved with the music scene, yet back in 2012 the artist also collaborated with Absolut, designing limited edition vodka bottles that featured seven London’s fashion pioneers.



I’ve been waiting patiently

Mando Diao are back!!!

The first single from their new album Good Times was released yesterday. It’s been three years since their seventh album, Ælita.

Shake is very catchy, and the official video is pretty funny too, with quite unusual cheerleaders.

It’s a bit sad not to see Gustaf Norén, though, who left the band in 2015. ☹

It’s a pity that the release day of the new single for the Swedish band coincided with a very bad news for their Country, where at least three people died and several were left injured after a truck rammed into a crowd on a main shopping street in central Stockholm.

The band has paid a tribute to the victims on the Facebook page.



When the cover version is ALMOST better than the original song

10. The Beatles – You’ve Really Got a Hold on Me

Cover of a song by Smokey Robinsosn & The Miracles

9. Julian Casablancas – White Light White Heat

Velvet Underground song.  Julian covering one of his idols. This version was recorded for one of the TV series I enjoyed the most: Vynil,  created by Mick Jagger, Martin Scorsese, Rich Cohen and Terence Winter. Unfortunately, it was not renewed after the first season ☹, but it is worth watching it!

8. Babyshambles – Janie Jones

A cover of the 1977 original Clash’s song from the band’s eponymous debut album.

7. Arctic Monkeys – Love Machine

In this case, I didn’t know the original version by Girls Aloud, I only knew it was not an Arctic Monkeys song. Even now that I heard the original song, I still much prefer the cover!

6. Oasis – I Am The Walrus

Oasis released a live version of this Beatles song as a B-side to their single Cigarettes&Alcohol. This single peaked at number 7 in the UK charts.

5. Sid vicious – My Way

A classic. Not a very bright singer or bass player, but Sid certainly had stage presence. This video is brilliant.

4. Blossoms – Manic Monday

I Fell in love with this video recently. Original song from The Bangles, included in the 1986 album Different Light.

3. Nirvana – The Man Who Sold The World

A cover of a David Bowie song from the same named album, which had a bigger commercial and critical success in the US than in the UK when it was first released. The song was performed during the MTV Nirvana Unplugged in New York.

2. The Runaways – Rock and Roll (Live in Japan 1977)

Another Velvet Underground cover, from their 1970 album Loaded. The song was written by Lou Reed, who subsequently continued to perform the song as a solo artist.

1. Howie Back – Reptilia

Cover of The Strokes’ song from the album Room on Fire (2003).



Thanks for the effort, Dylan

Such an amazing historic period to live in.

A great couple of years in particular.

Countries leave unions, more and more businessmen become presidents and people snub awards.

I discovered that Robert Zimmerman was probably not the friendliest musician the first time when I watched the documentary Bob Dylan: Don’t look back; then I had a further confirmation the time I went to see him live in Padua (Italy) in November 2013, when he came on stage and left without saying anything to his audience apart from introducing the band.  An audience that, among other things, paid not- at-all cheap tickets (no standing ticket option, obviously) to assist to his totally unfriendly performance.

And now, once again, he shows such a lack of gratitude and, I believe, respect, by collecting the Nobel Price half year after he won it and after sending Patty Smith at the ceremony on his behalf.

Moreover, he showed up in a hoodie and no media were present.

People should be HONORED to receive such a privilege.

We create petitions for everything; If there was a petition to nullify the award, I would sign it right away.

And I would send Paul Simon to recuperate the prize. Wearing a hoodie.