Dr Martens made for Camden

The new Dr Martens shop that opened in Camden yesterday (11th of April) is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING.

The opening is advertised on posters alongside the escalator in Camden Town underground station and on a mural painting, and some huge shoe prints on the sidewalk lead to the shop.


Located in the stable market, the store is divided in two main areas and a second floor.

One of the two rooms is a kind of a brand’s museum, with prototypes and shoes worn by famous artists along with descriptions of the product’s history.

You can also listen to some music with the headphones provided and take a virtual tour of the Wollaston factory.




There is a stage in the middle of the place with Marshall amps and Natal Drums; I asked a member of the staff and he told me they will host gigs soon and to keep in touch with their social media 😊


The second room and the second floor are the points of sale, with an incredible variety of shoe models, leather bags and some T-shirts. There is a section called “made for Camden” that displays some products “inspired by generations of individuals that have expressed themselves through their love of customisation of their DM’s”, as a signboard on a shelf reads.


Next to the flight of steps there is a GIF booth that creates instant gif you can receive and share if you digit your mobile number on the screen.


On the second floor there are some more products on display and you can also customize your shoes. ❤


Reach the store from the Chalk Farm entrance on the side of the market to avoid the crowd, the shop is next to Cyberdog!