Music inspired items

Fancy a house (or a room) entirely music-themed? Here are some items to help you getting started!

Marshall Mini Fridge


Price: £ 407.02

Find it here: thomann

Vinyl Record Shaped rug


Price: £ 38.99

Find it here: Amazon

Amp pillow cover


Price: £ 20.00

Find it here: Me by me

Guitar bread board


Price: £12.24

Find it here: thomann

Vynil record handbag


Price: £24.78

Find it here: Etsy 

Amped Mug


Find it here: Island dogs

Guitar’s tone knob ring


Price: £ 10.00

Find it here: Etsy

Guitar Salad Spoons


Price: £ 13.99

Find it here: Amazon

Wooden Guitar shaped Memory Stick 8GB


Price £ 10.99

Find it here: eBay


Author: Veronica Baldassari

Advertising and PR student at Richmond, the American iInternational University in London. Concerts and gigs enthusiast. Big fan of Del Boy and Patsy Stone. Slightly obsessed with mod haircuts and Paisley pattern.

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