A Gorillaz TV series is coming on, is coming on, is coming on, is coming on!


Rumours have started to circulate about a 10-episode TV series dedicated to the Gorillaz characters, which cartoonist Jamie Hewlett has confirmed in an interview on Q Magazine. 😊

In the meantime, Gorillaz have released a new song, Andromeda, which, as Damon Albarn revealed today, was dedicated to his late mother-in-law and Bobby Womack, and inspired by Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean and Hall & Oates  I Can’t Go for That.

The new album Humanz will be released on the 28th of April.

Jamie Hewlett’s work is mostly involved with the music scene, yet back in 2012 the artist also collaborated with Absolut, designing limited edition vodka bottles that featured seven London’s fashion pioneers.




Author: Veronica Baldassari

Advertising and PR student at Richmond, the American iInternational University in London. Concerts and gigs enthusiast. Big fan of Del Boy and Patsy Stone. Slightly obsessed with mod haircuts and Paisley pattern.

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