For a happy decline

There is a bookcase in the corridor that used to be full of useless/broken things left by previous flatmates; it has always bothered me, but after a year in the house I felt entitled to throw away all that rubbish with the help of my partner in crime Claire.

Even more satisfying that get rid of that stuff was to find a couple of CDs hidden under unidentified objects: The Doors – Morrison Hotel and The Cyclops – For a happy decline. Today I finally decided to give the second album a listen and I must say I’m glad I did. It was like finding money in the pocket of a jacket you totally forgot about, especially if the currency hasn’t change in the meantime.

There is no date on the album, so I googled the name of the band and found out that it was released in 2012, yet the band previously issued a demo, Mechanical Disease, and played gigs for 15 years before putting these 8 tracks together.

I particularly like the lyrics of the second track, A clockwise world:

Modernity killed ambitions
And politics raised depression.
My people have got no feelings
they are not the owner of their thoughts.
Waiting for a happy decline!
Tell me what you hope to find
even what you have to lose.
I’m really willing to escape…far and far away!
No one’s gonna get
what he really does deserve
We can only eat
The leftovers of our enemies.

Track list:

  1. Obituary For Plastic Dummies
  2. A Clockwise World
  3. Trapped!
  4. Too Late
  5. Ten Out Of Ten
  6. Mechanical Disease
  7. New York City
  8. Rubbish Heart

Favourite songs:

A clockwise world
New York City

Thanks to whoever left the CD  Image result for fist emoji


Author: Veronica Baldassari

Advertising and PR student at Richmond, the American iInternational University in London. Concerts and gigs enthusiast. Big fan of Del Boy and Patsy Stone. Slightly obsessed with mod haircuts and Paisley pattern.

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