O o oh, Paisley

I love Paisley pattern. It looked amazing on Brian Jones and David Bowie.

It has such a mesmerizing power that most of the time that I am in a vintage shop I can’t leave without a paisleyed (coined a new word) item.

Besides, Pretty Green should definitely create a women’s collection: I love the design of its famous Paisley shirt, its bright colours and the logo enclosed in the pattern.

Anyway, yesterday, before falling asleep, I was absently scrolling down my Instagram homepage as usual, when a picture of three young lads holding their instruments and wearing Paisley shirts captured my attention.

Thus, I discovered a new band: the Gallerys (and lost an hour of sleep). Well, new for me apparently, since I then found out that they’ve already played some dates in London.

Their debut EP is called Paisley, which is also the title of one of the three songs included; I wondered if the bands member come from Paisley, Scotland, yet they’re actually from Kent.

Hence, finally someone had dedicated an ode to the best pattern ever created!

Listen to the Gallerys here: https://soundcloud.com/gallerys


Author: Veronica Baldassari

Advertising and PR student at Richmond, the American iInternational University in London. Concerts and gigs enthusiast. Big fan of Del Boy and Patsy Stone. Slightly obsessed with mod haircuts and Paisley pattern.

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