Paint me, distorted as an abnormal angel, falling.

I was supposed to see Il Teatro degli Orrori live in a couple of weeks. Tickets bought a month in advance and level of excitement high enough, due to the expectation of attending a gig of a band from my home Country, that I last time saw live in Verona in 2012.

Three days ago, instead, I received the disappointing news that the event has been cancelled. It should have taken place at the O2 Academy Islington, a venue in the heart of Angel, that also hosts nights dedicated to a specific group or a music genre (the event is called Burn Down The Disco and it takes places on Saturday nights from 22.30 to 3.30. Looking forward to the Manchester Night on the 4th of March!).

Anyway, although the concert won’t happen, I had the pleasure of seeing an Italian band, Verdena, last year in London, on the 19th of May 2016, at the same venue (picture of the gig above).

The audience was made up almost entirely of Italians and the concert was definitely not a memorable one, though; the band didn’t interact with the fans, but I have to admit that we were all rather quiet, and seemed visibly excited only for the song Un po’ esageri. Hence, unsurprisingly, the band closed with only one encore song.
Nevertheless, Verdena are a precious alternative rock band, definitely worth listening to.

Recommended song: Muori Delay

Recommended album: Wow (2011)


Author: Veronica Baldassari

Advertising and PR student at Richmond, the American iInternational University in London. Concerts and gigs enthusiast. Big fan of Del Boy and Patsy Stone. Slightly obsessed with mod haircuts and Paisley pattern.

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