When we was young, oh man did we have fun

If you are a Strokes fan, do yourself a favour and check out colinelane.com, Coline Lane’s photography website, where you can find a couple of sections dedicated to the band:

  • The Strokes 2001-2006
  • So Buckingham Palace

A collection of snaps that captured some posing and some spontaneous pictures of five young musicians whom did not yet know that their first album, Is this It, would have been voted, 10 years after its release, as the second best in the Rolling Stone 100 Best Albums of the 2000s (and first in my personal ranking).

The albums show an always composed and elegant Nikolai, smiling Fab and Nick, a hairy Albert and a mostly injured Julian with the 2000s’ New York City on the background, or the band and the fans during the UK tour in Reading, Leeds and Glasgow.

You can also spot a gorgeous (and at the time still groupie) Amanda de Cadenet, the band’s manager Ryan Gentles, Meg&Jack White and even Beck.

BBVA Peru: A bank that rocks

In 2014 BBVA bank “the bank of people”, wanted to raise awareness about a problem that has affected Peruvian bands for over 20 years: 95% of them are unknown, since local radio stations only broadcast mainstream international bands.

Through the help of the advertising and PR agency Fahrenheit BBV Peru, the bank was transformed into a radio station, where customers could listen to 200 selected Peruvian artists; the musicians were also invited to play in the biggest Lima’s square inside a soundproof glass box: the audience could see them, yet not hear them.


Musicians and fans started to share online the hashtag No one can hear us from all over the world.

Using the Bank’s app, website and offices, the initiative earned the attention of the media: the event reached 4.3m people, earned $1.8m in free press and got 98% of positive feedback. Moreover, RPP, the most famous Peruvian radio, gave BBVA radio a regular slot on their FM platform and more than 500 local bands became known across the Country.


The same year, the bank also helped fans to show their support to Pedro Suarez Vertiz, the most iconic Peruvian rock singer, who, unfortunately, since 2011 suffers from Dysarthria, a rare motor speech disorder that won’t let him speak again.

BBVA issued the Peruvian a challenge: If 1 million people ask for him to come back, he would.

Fans only had to enter the web and sing a petition in order for Pedro to hear them.

Over 1,400.000 people participated, and the results was a concert in which Pedro contributed with the music, and, thanks to the installation of over 800 microphones in the stadium, the crowd was his voice.

The concert earned $1.5m in free press and 90% positive feedbacks in social media.


The Ziggy Zag

The affection that the fans are demonstrating for David Bowie is so overwhelming.

Back in 2011 the artist was chosen, along with three other famous Brixton residents, to appear on the Brixton pound’s 10£ note to celebrate the second anniversary of the local currency; last year, following the death of the music legend, over 30,000 people signed a petition asking for Bowie’s face to be featured on the reverse of the new £20 note, in place of Adam Smith.

And now, Bowie’s fans are raising money for a stunning memorial statue (The ZiggyZag) in the shape of the Aladdin Sane’s lightning bolt. The 9-meters-tall monument designed by artists at This Ain’t Rock’n’Roll would be positioned near Stansfield Road, Brixton, Bowie’s birthplace, and it would cost £990.000.

Almost £30,000 have been raised in 24 hours!

Feeling generous?  http://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/bowie

FYI: an A3 print featuring the iconic Bowie B£10 note is now available for sale at  http://brixtonpound.bigcartel.com/product/brixton-pound-b10-david-bowie-print and at the B£ Cafe, 77 Atlantic Road, at the price of £600 to raise money for the Brixton Fund.

Fire That Burns

Well yes, I fell in the Game of thrones’ trap. A month ago. And I’ve already seen all the 6 seasons.

So when I was reading the last Friday issue of the NME I recognized Bran Stark, sometimes known as Isaac Hempstead Wright.

I thought he was in a band, like his co-star Iwan Rheon/Ramsay Bolton. Instead the article is about his part in the new Circa Waves music video, Fire that Burns, a film by Mauro Sartini, as the video says.

The single, along with Wake Up, is taken from their upcoming album Different Creatures.

I sometimes have problems understanding the plot of a music video, yet in this case I see the relation between the song’s title and the story of a killer (Circa Waves’ singer) that leaves 5 matches on his victims ( saac is one of them). The first part of the video looks like a real old-school thriller, while from the second half it also shows the “behind the scenes”, including a situation where a gal comfortably eats and chats with the other actors with a knife stuck in her belly.

While we wait for the release of the new album on the 10th of March, I recommend the song Stuck in my teeth, from their previous album Young Chasers.

…And they’re coming to London on the 31st of March!

For a happy decline

There is a bookcase in the corridor that used to be full of useless/broken things left by previous flatmates; it has always bothered me, but after a year in the house I felt entitled to throw away all that rubbish with the help of my partner in crime Claire.

Even more satisfying that get rid of that stuff was to find a couple of CDs hidden under unidentified objects: The Doors – Morrison Hotel and The Cyclops – For a happy decline. Today I finally decided to give the second album a listen and I must say I’m glad I did. It was like finding money in the pocket of a jacket you totally forgot about, especially if the currency hasn’t change in the meantime.

There is no date on the album, so I googled the name of the band and found out that it was released in 2012, yet the band previously issued a demo, Mechanical Disease, and played gigs for 15 years before putting these 8 tracks together.

I particularly like the lyrics of the second track, A clockwise world:

Modernity killed ambitions
And politics raised depression.
My people have got no feelings
they are not the owner of their thoughts.
Waiting for a happy decline!
Tell me what you hope to find
even what you have to lose.
I’m really willing to escape…far and far away!
No one’s gonna get
what he really does deserve
We can only eat
The leftovers of our enemies.

Track list:

  1. Obituary For Plastic Dummies
  2. A Clockwise World
  3. Trapped!
  4. Too Late
  5. Ten Out Of Ten
  6. Mechanical Disease
  7. New York City
  8. Rubbish Heart

Favourite songs:

A clockwise world
New York City

Thanks to whoever left the CD  Image result for fist emoji

Boys that sang

Today is the first anniversary of the end of an amazing emergent band, Viola Beach, after all the young members lost their lives in a car accident. Four promising musicians from Warrington, Cheshire, whose talent has been recognized by many artists, such as Liam Gallagher, Ian Brown, Blossoms, Coldplay, The Courteeners and Kasabian, that paid their tribute to the band after the accident, and contributed to get the single Swings & Waterslides to the top of the Uk Singles Chart.

I remember reading the news and consequently listening to their songs: what an astonishing voice for a 20 years old singer.

I particularly love the Maida Vale live version of Boys that sing, where the bass player, Tomas Lowe, taps his toes along with the beat.

what is dead may never die.

Image result for broken love heart symbol

O o oh, Paisley

I love Paisley pattern. It looked amazing on Brian Jones and David Bowie.

It has such a mesmerizing power that most of the time that I am in a vintage shop I can’t leave without a paisleyed (coined a new word) item.

Besides, Pretty Green should definitely create a women’s collection: I love the design of its famous Paisley shirt, its bright colours and the logo enclosed in the pattern.

Anyway, yesterday, before falling asleep, I was absently scrolling down my Instagram homepage as usual, when a picture of three young lads holding their instruments and wearing Paisley shirts captured my attention.

Thus, I discovered a new band: the Gallerys (and lost an hour of sleep). Well, new for me apparently, since I then found out that they’ve already played some dates in London.

Their debut EP is called Paisley, which is also the title of one of the three songs included; I wondered if the bands member come from Paisley, Scotland, yet they’re actually from Kent.

Hence, finally someone had dedicated an ode to the best pattern ever created!

Listen to the Gallerys here: https://soundcloud.com/gallerys